Robin Hood
Captain Obvious
Samuel L. Jackson

"How congenial!"
- Ostap Bender

"They're so good, I actually feel
like buying something!"

- Robin Hood

"I'd kill to lay my hands on one of those!"
- Gandhi

"Only two things are infinite,
the universe and those t-shirts' awesomeness."

- Albert Einstein

"These are not actual quotes. Think about it,
Hitler couldn't have seen any of those t-shirts,
because he died in 1945!"

- Captain Obvious

"Sie sind terrible, Ich hate them!"
- Adolf Hitler

"These are the t-shirts you are looking for."
- Obi-Wan Kenobi

"Lame. This guy must be a jew."
- Eric Cartman

"I don't like them, because they don't offer 10XL sizes."
- Yo Mama

"One cannot remain quiescent when faced
with the plethora of au courant and coruscating objets d'art
manifested betwixt the incorporeal walls of this gallery."

- Samuel L. Jackson

PS "Motherfucker!"

"Amazing designs, I love them!"
- Grumpy Cat

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